We use Quick Books for our purchasing process. Plant pick up or delivery pricing can be negotiated in regards to your location. Seeds are delivered in discreet packaging by mail service. Always feel free to ask questions, we are a family run business & we strive to provide a top-flight service. We are very knowledgeable about our product & we are willing to do what we can, to make sure you make an educated purchase & have success with our HEMP products!

Cool Hand Hemp's Exclusive Hemp Products

Boulder County's Finest Crop



100 qty minimum, then sold in quantities of 50 (150, 200, 250, 300, etc)

$2 per seed 0-100

$1 per seed when quantity exceeds 100



Females that at 3 weeks will come in a plug, at 6 weeks they are transplanted to pots.

$5 per clone in plug 0-500 qty

$3.50 per clone in plug when quantity exceeds 500


$10 per clone in 2.5in pot 0-500

$7.50 per clone in 2.5in pot when quantity exceeds 500



Females with strong tap roots established, commonly 12-15 inches tall at 10-12 weeks old

$12.50 per seedling 0-500

$10 per seedling when quantity exceeds 500



1 gallon pots & capable of producing clones / first come, first serve - available June 1st

$200 each


Jess Parrish | 303-669-0168
Longmont, Colorado